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Philosophy for the Use of Technology

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We believe that technology is a tool for communication, for problem solving, and for academic achievement. Technology does not end with itself, but is used by students, parents, staff, and the entire school community to access information in the school, the community, and the world. Technology tools are used by students to learn grade level and course content based on St. John’s Lutheran School’s adopted curriculum standards.

As in the real world, students use technology to work on challenging, real-life topics, to present their conclusions to important questions, and to defend and clarify their thinking.  All technology tools are used in support of the vision of St. John’s Lutheran Church to minister to real people in a real way.

Flexible Technology for our Middle School Students

iPad learning Christian School in Orange, CA3D printer Christian School in Orange, CA

In 2008, St. John’s Middle School began its “One to One” program.  “One to One” means one iPad for every student to use both at school and at home. Since 2020, EVERY St. John's student has had an iPad to use at school (K-4), and at home (5-8).

We understand that the world of the present and the future will require our students to be highly comfortable and competent with using many different types of hardware and software resources in order to work, play and live. In order to assist in preparing our students for a world full of different and ever-changing technology, we have partnered with Apple to become an Apple Distinguished School.

Beginning with the 2018 - 2019 school year, 5th graders received an iPad — included in their tuition — that will travel with them through Middle School, which they will be able to take with them after graduation from 8th grade! Kindergarten through Grade 4 are using iPads in their classrooms, as well.

Technology Accountability

All families are required to submit a signed Online Behavior Agreement, Family Technology Contract, and iPad User Agreement at the beginning of each school year. Every student will then receive an iPad ready to go, loaded with any apps that teachers will be using.

Teachers will discuss in-class technology usage and expectations with students. Parent Orientation meetings will cover details pertaining to the following:

St. John's Online Behavior Agreement
iPad Use Policies and Expectations
Parent Responsibilities
How to connect and log on to St. John's Wireless Network
Usernames & Passwords for Apps
SeeSaw, Nearpod, Flipgrid, and Other Programs