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The energy of learning is apparent in St. John’s Middle School classes. It takes motivational and challenging curriculum, the strong moral values of a Christian-based education and the guidance of experienced Christian teachers to show them how to become responsible, independent learners. Our middle school is a three-year sequence for grades six through eight.

Our students study core academic subjects: English/writing, math, science, history, literature, and foreign language. Their education is enriched through additional classes in art, music, and physical education. St. John’s Lutheran School balances these academics with daily religious studies to build the moral character that these students will need to take their place as community leaders. Technology and the use of iPads is woven throughout the curriculum and instruction.

Middle school students are encouraged to participate in the various life-enriching activities offered at St. John’s, including competitive sports, community service programs and more.

St. John’s Middle School academic program emphasizes a respect for diverse learning styles, team and interdisciplinary teaching, and varied experiences with cooperative learning, research, and group presentations. Our teachers create opportunities for cognitive growth while incorporating exploratory experiences for enrichment, as they prepare students for a smooth transition to high school and beyond.

overnight field trips

6th — Outdoor Ed at Palomar christin conference center

The 6th grade class travels to Palomar for four days. The camp has been serving Southern California for over 50 years and is located on 320 acres, 32 miles NE of Escondido CA, adjacent to the Palomar Mountain State Park.

Palomar Christian School in Orange, CA

The curriculum used exceeds the California Science Standards. Surrounded by miles of National Forest and State Park lands, the richly wooded forests at Palomar are perfect for scientific discovery and exploring God’s amazing creation! The ecosystem of Palomar is unique to all of Southern California due to its unique location and protection by high mountains to the east.

The cost is approximately $350.00. The price includes transportation by bus, meals, and registration for the program. It is important to us that all students participate in the program. Students in need of financial assistance should contact the school office.

7th — Catalina island marine institute

The 7th grade class travels to the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) at Toyon Bay for five days of experiential hands-on learning. Toyon Bay is a 30-minute boat ride from Avalon. St. John’s has participated in this program for over 25 years.

CIMI is not a camp or recreational type of program. The students participate in many activities while at CIMI. There are daily morning and evening labs, hiking and snorkeling in Toyon Bay just to mention a few. Catalina Island is a wonderful place to explore on land and in the water. The underwater gardens are among the richest ecological preserves in the world, and the island history and environment are unique.The CIMI instructors, along with teachers, will lead your child through their discovery of the underwater kelp forests and island ecology. Each student will snorkel, hike, and kayak within his or her own safe limit.

This trip is scheduled during the last full week in September. The cost is approximately $650.00. Price includes transportation by bus and boat, meals, and registration for the program. It is important to us that all students participate in the program. Students in need of financial assistance should contact the school office.

Catalina Island Christian School in Orange, CA

8th — Washington DC / gettysburg / new york city

American Edventures tour group provides high quality, fully escorted educational tour programs for pre-formed groups. These programs are as ”adventurous” as they are ”educational’, and meet the California State Framework and Standards.

Washington DC Christian School in Orange, CA

On tour, they provide all the needs for transportation, meals, lodging, sites, and activities. Careful attention is given to every aspect of the tour. Their full-time tour director accompanies our group throughout the trip until we are safely back home. Their expertise is designing and conducting educational programs for classroom based groups and they are curriculum based programs that present the historic record, influential personalities, and landmark events of history from a Christian perspective.

The American Edventures staff is motivated to inspire hearts and minds with a greater appreciation for the rich heritage and foundational principles of our nation. The trip is 6 days in length and includes tours of Washington DC, Gettysburg and New York.