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School board

School Board Members 2022-2023

Jake Hollatz — Principal

Sheri Ledbetter — Chair

David Kim — Member

Mike Crawford — Member

Rachel Schoeneman — Member

Amanda Lebrecht — Member

Richard Rohm — Member

Elise Ozawa— Auxiliary President

Scott O'Day — Church Elder

Sheri Ledbetter, Chairwoman
Sheri is a mom of two sons who both graduated from St. John's. Sheri is a Communications Officer at UCI.

Richard Rohm
Richard is a dad of one daughter (4th) at St. John's. Richard owns and operates his own CPA business here in Orange.

Michael Crawford
Mike is a dad of two daughters (3rd and 5th) at St. John's. Mike is the Director of Admissions at St. John Bosco.

Amanda Lebrecht
Amanda is a mom of a son and daughter (3rd and 6th) at St. John's. Amanda is the Dean of Students at Vanguard University.

David Kim
David is the dad of three sons (4th, 2nd and PK) here at St. John's. David is an emergency room physician in the LA area.

Rachel Schoeneman
Rachel is the mom of two sons (1st and 3rd) at St. John's. Rachel has been a part of a mom's Bible study group at St. John's for many years.

Elise Ozawa
Elise is the mom of two daughters (4th and 6th) at St. John's and one son (preschool). Elise is in sales at Mannington Mills. Elise is also St. John's Auxiliary President for 2021-2023.

Scott O'Day
Scott is a dad of two daughters, one (6th) at St. John's and an alumna in high school. Scott is in the FBI and is the Board of Elder's representative to the school board from St. John's Church.

Jake Hollatz
Jake is the dad of two daughters (4th and 5th) at St. John's and is the school principal.

Students Christian School in Orange, CA
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