Sports Philosophy

The philosophy of the St. John’s Lutheran School after-school sports program is an extension of the overall philosophy of the school. Through athletics we hope to prepare students for full participation in their adult lives. We, as coaches and school officials, seek to develop the values which determine the athlete’s relationship with self, others and ultimately with God.

Participation in the St. John's organized sports program is voluntary. It is a privilege, and a participant has the responsibilities of courtesy and sportsmanship on the playing field and at school. St. John’s sees the organized sports experience as a platform for developing athletic, social and spiritual skills.

St. John’s Lutheran School recognizes the value of participation in athletic activities, not only for physical fitness, but in sportsmanship, team building and leadership development, as well. It is the intent of St. John’s to provide this opportunity to students who meet and maintain eligibility based on academic, behavioral, and physical qualifications.

Students in grades five (5) through eight (8) have numerous opportunities to participate in after-school athletics.

Fall Sports

Boys – Flag Football

Girls – Volleyball, Cheerleading (6th, 7th and 8th grade)                        

Winter Sports

Boys – Basketball

Girls – Basketball,  Cheerleading (6th, 7th and 8th grade)

Spring Sports

Boys – Volleyball,

Girls – Flag Football (8th grade only)

Boys and Girls – Track

If you would like additional information, please contact Athletic Director Dave Stuewe

714-288-4406  |