embracing a life of service

Share Christ with our Words, Service and Resources

When we SHARE Christ, our hearts are in the right place and we are becoming more and more like Christ. You have influence among those around you: family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, community members, etc. God has placed these people in your path that you might be his representative, a messenger of his grace and mercy. It is important for you to know that God has empowered you with His Holy Spirit; He has trusted you and He will work through you to influence his children around you. 


As we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, we cannot help but overflow with a life of service. There are abundant opportunities for us to serve others all around us. We want to help guide you on that journey, as you discover how he plans to use you as an agent of his grace and a proclaimer of the Gospel message.

Please scroll down for opportunities to serve in school and church ministries here at St. John's. Click on the contact's name for their email link.

serving at st. john's lutheran school

Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

Each school family is required to donate a minimum of 20 service hours to St. John’s Lutheran School. More than 20 hours will be gladly accepted, but can not be carried over to the following school year. Single parent families will be required to donate a minimum of 10 service hours. Preschool families do NOT have required PIP hours, but may earn hours towards their required 20 by serving at the preschool (if they have older children at St. John’s). The persons donating the hours may include parents and grandparents or any family member over the age of 18, who has completed the Protect My Ministry volunteer screening. 

One-half (1/2) of your required PIP hours may be from Other Ministry Service Areas. At least one-half (1/2) must be from the School Service Areas. Parent Involvement Program (PIP) hours must be completed by the last, regularly scheduled day of the school year. Report cards and graduation diplomas will not be issued until hours are completed or funds for hours not completed have been received by the school office. PIP for the 2016-2017 school year runs from June 9, 2016 – June 9, 2017. The person donating the hours will be responsible for having their service slips filled out and turned into either the contact person or to the school office. Additional details may be found in the School Handbook. Special Note: Other options for involvement may be considered for approval by the Principal.

  • Automatic

    20 Hours


    8TH GRADE confirmation

    SMALL GROUP Leader

    susan mitchell

    Auxiliary Officer or

    Committee Chairperson

    Heidi Byrnes

    Chaperone 8th Grade

    Washington DC Trip

    Homeroom Teacher

    Coach - SJLS Athletics

    Dave Stuewe

    Room Parents

    cindy warren

    School Board Member

    Dr. Jake Hollatz

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  • automatic

    2 hours

    Attend Informational Events offered by SJLS or Auxiliary

    Read Slices for information

    Drive Players To/From Games, Individual

    Team Coach, Referee Sporting Events

    Dave Stuewe

    Type content here...

  • Hour

    for hour

    After School Programs

    Susan Mitchell

    Auxiliary Projects

    Heidi Byrnes

    Choir Performances

    & Events

    Audrey Mink

    Classroom Book Orders

    expression explosion

    field trip chaperone

    track and field day

    Homeroom Teacher

    Crossing Guard Duty

    morning supervision

    photo/video at games

    st. john's play day

    sports tournaments

    sports banquet

    Dave Stuewe

    Ice Cream Social

    amber cisneros


    Ester Brawley-Roehl


    Book Fair, Box Tops

    Deanna Barber

    Lunch Duty

    Robyn Metcalf

    Media Team

    David Kruse

    Nurse’s Office Assistant

    Pam Pasco

    School Office Help

    wendy delvaglio

    School Pictures

    Wendy DelVaglio

    Used Uniform Sales

    heidi byrnes

    Yearbook Help

    Sara Doyle

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  • Classroom help

    Reading to the Class, Decorating Classroom, Decorating Bulletin Boards, Art Class or Project Help, Chapel Assistance, Centers Assistance, Class Auction Item, class parties (see note), Clerical Help, Special Presentations, Help Prepare Classrooms (Mid-Aug.), Help Ready Classrooms for Summer, Research Helpers for Term Papers, Tutoring Math/Reading, Choir Assistance, Sunday Morning Choir Assistance

    please contact student's individual Homeroom teacher

    please note: PIP hours are given for class decorating, being present and assisting at parties. Donating party items or food does not qualify. 

    Preschool help

    Yard Work or Preschool Clean Up

    1 Hour

    Frazier, Trisha

    Room Parents

    See’s Candy Fundraiser Coordinator

    Hour for Hour Miscellaneous Help

    Frazier, Trisha

    Martinez, Emily

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serving at st. john's lutheran church

PIP Hours for Other Ministry Service Areas

St. John’s Lutheran School is a ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Orange. It is our sincere hope that, in completing the required PIP hours, you consider giving your time to assist more than just the school. Serving others with our lives, in the end, is a matter of the heart. Jesus is concerned with what we do with our words, service and resources because he is concerned about where our hearts are. 

  • Leadership

    Hour for hour,

    up to 10 hours

    Boy Scout Leader

    Brian todd

    Cub Scout Leader

    brian todd

    children's ministries

    special events

    lara kaufman

    girl scout leader

    Cindy Warren

    Type content here...



    UP TO 10 HOURS

    Jr. High Ministries

    megan gjersvold

    Kids Musical Theater

    (KMT) Chaperone

    Mignon Whitaker

    Nursery Volunteer

    Irma Bates

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    UP TO 10 HOURS

    Sunday School volunteer


    irma Bates


    Lara Kaufman

    sunday school skit team

    laura kaufman

    Vacation Bible School volunteers

    Jen Stoehr

    Wednesday afternoon

    Bible Study leader


    irma bates


    lara kaufman

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    Blood Drives, Compton Initiative, Food Pantry, Graceworks, Juarez Mission Trip, Love Orange, Love Santa Ana, Operation Christmas Child, Project 23, Street Fair Outreach, Video and Photo Team, Welcome Center

    mollie schnieder

    4th Saturday

    Food Distribution

    Wendy DelVaglio

    Kinship Foster Child Events

    Christina Meadows

    mary salgado

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