middle school

Preparing the Way for High School and Beyond

The energy of learning is apparent in St. John’s Middle School classes. It takes motivational and challenging curriculum, the strong moral values of a Christian-based education and the guidance of experienced Christian teachers to show them how to become responsible, independent, learners. Our middle school is a three-year sequence for grades six through eight.

Our students study core academic subjects: English/writing, math, science, history, literature, and foreign language. Their education is enriched through additional classes in art, music, and physical education. St. John’s Lutheran School balances these academics with daily religious studies to build the moral character that these students will need to take their place as community leaders. Technology and the use of laptop computers are woven throughout the curriculum and instruction.

Middle school students are encouraged to participate in the various life-enriching activities offered at St. John’s, including competitive sports, community service programs and more.

St. John’s Middle School academic program emphasizes a respect for diverse learning styles, team and interdisciplinary teaching, and varied experiences with cooperative learning, research, and group presentations. Our teachers create opportunities for cognitive growth while incorporating exploratory experiences for enrichment, as they prepare students for a smooth transition to high school and beyond.

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