learner outcomes

A Schoolwide Growth Mindset

St. John's focuses on continual development of 21st century learning skills and critical learner needs in the areas of geometry, extended reasoning, and digital citizenship. Focusing on curriculum, assessment, and best practices allows for development of 21st century learning skills and an improvement in extended reasoning skills and attention to content standards of geometry. Moving forward with how technology is implemented and used will also develop the necessary learning skills of students and address the ever-changing needs of students in the realm of digital citizenship and technology skills. Each of the above mentioned areas will further support the development of Critical Thinkers and Communicators.

A student's growth mindset is a critical learner necessity, and this is a component to becoming an Intrinsically Motivated Learner. A learning environment where the student is engaged in the learning process will allow for effective instruction and learning. St. John’s also values educating the whole child. We are intentional about addressing developmental needs of students and providing families necessary knowledge and skills to meet student needs. Supporting learning opportunities to develop the whole child also contribute the development of Responsible Citizens who demonstrate Christian ethics in a diverse world.

St. John's is blessed with a strong partnership between the church and school, and SJLS embraces the opportunities within this community. We encourage our students to be Faithful Servants, focusing on the fact that they are saved by God’s grace alone and to seek to live a life that glorifies God. Coordinating with church ministries and increasing Biblical literacy further allows students and families to be part of the vision of St. John’s Lutheran School and Church.