christian faith & life

Putting God at the Forefront of Education

Christian Faith and Life (CFL) is so much more than just a theology class. The teachings of Jesus Christ are at the forefront of who St. John's is as evidenced by our school’s policies, programs, and school life. SJLS teaches Christian Faith & Life daily and integrates faith into all subjects.

Students participate in weekly worship through chapel, service projects, and singing/leading worship in church. CFL instruction includes prayer, worship, instruction on Law/Gospel, Luther’s Small Catechism, and scripture memorization, in addition to Bible stories and themes.

Students are encouraged to push themselves to develop their identity as one with Christ. Pop culture and the world demand a lot from them these days; the students are given real life tools and strategies on how they can be the salt and light of the world by putting Jesus first in their lives.

Our teachers are devoted and committed to helping students to grow deeper and stronger in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Students and teachers often spend time in prayer, devotions, and share real life experiences with one another as they grow in their faith together. 

The overall goal of the faculty, administration, and staff of SJLS is twofold: when students graduate from St. John’s, they have not only learned about our incredible Lord and Savior; but that they have a deep relationship and understanding of their Faith and how to live that out daily in Jesus Christ.