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Keeping our Parents and Students Connected

St. John's has partnered with select companies and services to provide the best to both our students and parents. The links below will keep you either connected, clothed, or fed, and prepared to take on the day as a SJLS Mustang!


    FACTS SIS (Student Information System) is a Comprehensive School Management Solution connecting administrators, teachers and parents. St. John's utilizes FACTS SIS' anytime, anywhere access for students and parents in kindergarten through 4th grade. Parents are able to access homework, grades, class lists and more via computer or through the FACTS SIS app. Click HERE to access FACTS SIS.

  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is mission control, designed with teachers and students to connect the class, track their progress and achieve more together. St. John's utilizes Google Classroom in 5th through 8th grades. Students receive their own individual logins to help track assignments, memory verses and more. Click HERE to access Google Classroom.

  • pizza wednesdays

    Pizza Wednesdays are fun for the students and easy for parents! Fresh, piping hot pizza is delivered from Lamppost Pizza to St. John’s. Pizza orders may be paid for online through PayPal. Ordering is offered either by quarter or annually, running from the first Wednesday in September through the last Wednesday in May. A new order request will go out approximately 10 days prior to each new quarter beginning. Click HERE or visit

  • ChoiceLunch

    choicelunch works simply: fresh food delivered daily to your kids! Order using a simple online ordering system and mobile app designed for schools and parents who care deeply about food and nutrition, but don’t have a lot of time to spend figuring out how to order lunch. Click HERE to access choicelunch and place your order today!