our heritage

St. John's has been a cornerstone of Christian life in Orange County for more than 130 years.

St. John’s Lutheran School, an extension of St. John’s Lutheran Church, has been in existence since 1882. It is one of approximately 880 elementary schools under the support of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, and is located within the Pacific Southwest District.

St. John’s Lutheran School was the first parochial school founded in the City of Orange and is located in the historic Old Towne District. In 1881, a small group of Lutherans who had settled in the area that would later become Orange agreed to organize themselves into a congregation and search for a pastor. In 1882, the St. John’s Lutheran Church constitution was signed by 13 charter members, and a Lutheran school also opened its doors to nine pupils. In 1883, an old school house was purchased and served as both church and school. Two years later, St. John’s officially joined The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Surrounding land was purchased over the years. In 1929, the corner of Almond and Shaffer was acquired and Building A was built. In 1953, Building B was built and then expanded in 1955. Building C was added in 1958, and the Chapman building opened for instruction in January 2003. Today, St. John’s Lutheran Church is blessed with more than 4,000 members, and school enrollment is over 800 students (preschool - grade 8). St. John’s has played a major role in the development and history of the city and continues to make an impact on the surrounding community.

St. John’s Lutheran School has been accredited by National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) since 1985. St. John’s has had dual accreditation with Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and NLSA since 1991.

St. John’s Lutheran School has a strong partnership with the church and receives support from the congregation in its purpose. The church and school work closely together and share the same mission of creating disciples of Christ who have the opportunity to mature and become stronger in faith by connecting to God and His people in worship, growing together in God’s Word, and sharing Christ with words, service and resources.

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