21st century classroom

Moving Beyond the Desk

Here at St. John’s, we believe that a 21st century classroom is an integral part of supporting our students. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program upgrades continue to be a priority at our school. We focus on these areas because these fields are deeply intertwined in our world today. With the extreme growth in technology and the fast pace at which it changes, employing a full-time technology teacher - along with top-notch physical, music, and art education programs - round out the SJLS experience, broadening our focus from STEM to STEAM. Providing field trips that align with our curriculum and up-to-date training for Faculty and Staff is also vital for our students.

We are thrilled to announce that St. John’s Lutheran School is embarking on an exciting learning adventure! We all realize that learning has changed over the years in a variety of different ways; however, many classroom environments have not changed. Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes stress that we want students to be excellent communicators, critical thinkers, and motivated learners, to name a few. Not only does our curriculum help us achieve these learning goals, but the physical classroom environment is just as important.

For this reason, St. John’s 5th grade will pilot a Steelcase Active Learning Environment classroom! Steelcase is a manufacturer of cutting-edge and future-focused classroom equipment. An Active Learning Environment is a classroom that is flexible, collaborative, and technology-friendly. Mrs. Knego’s classroom will be equipped with desks called Nodes. These desks provide students with collaborative and functional workspace. It is our intention to begin fully incorporating Active Learning Environments, but a pilot period is appropriate as we study how the students learning and behavior is impacted by the new physical space. This pilot period will help to inform us about future implementations and equipment choices. Please check out the slideshow and video to see what we have planned for our classrooms and common spaces!